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Why we started this

As interior designers, we are seeing a monumental shift in how homes are now being reimagined to support our path to wellness. We are recycling materials, cherishing old finds, celebrating imperfections, moving away from toxins, embracing sustainability and looking to nature for inspiration that feeds our mind, body and soul.

We feel it’s important that everyone knows how to use interior design to improve health, wellness and happiness – not just the privileged few. It’s why we created these courses.


Beyond Interiors

Conscious design

Our design isn’t just a look, it’s design with feeling. It’s conscious.

Conscious design is thoughtful, practical and enables us to tread very lightly on our planet. We only use products that have a positive impact on your wellbeing. That means non-toxic, eco-friendly and designed to last through the generations.

Real world experience

With over 20 years professional experience on an international scale, we’ve led distinguished interior design projects from inception to completion in residential, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors.

We now work exclusively in London and Australia, bringing that global experience to your door.

Conscious design

Interior designers are known for guarding their sourcebook closely. Not us. At Conscious Cribs we believe in sharing our insights to make a positive impact on the wellness of our planet and those who live
on it.

We continually invest into our online resources and courses to give you quality content, insights and gems from the world of interiors, wellness and sustainability.

Together, we can bring the power of healthy interior design to the general consciousness.

Meet your course presenters


Meet Liz

Hi, I’m Liz Linforth, one of the founders and head interior designers here at Conscious Cribs. I’m based in our Australian studio and can’t wait to show you how to take interior design a step further with beautiful finishes and furnishings designed to boost your health and wellbeing.

Meet Mima

Hi, I’m Mima, joining founder and head interior designer at the Conscious Cribs London studio. If you care about sustainability, nature and a healthy lifestyle as much as you love your interior design, you’re going to love this course!

Need Interior Design services?

These courses are for those of you who want to learn how to improve your home interior yourself. If you’d rather bring in the experts to transform your home for you, our professional interior designers in London and Australia can help.

Visit our studio website to find out more.


Conscious Cribs interior design
e-learning series

Learn how to transform each space in your home in these ten fascinating and inspirational course modules. Discover how to apply healthy, sustainable and beautiful interior design to every room for better physical health and mental wellbeing at home.

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