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Whilst you can dip into the videos as often as you like, we encourage you to start the course on the date you receive when booking. We’ll be providing you with new content each week for 4 weeks to maximise real time learning. That way, you’ll go through each module on the same timeline as others, which will give you the benefit of receiving timely and relevant feedback to the whole group via our facebook community. You’ll also be able to chat with others in the community about each module, too.

We would recommend buying or borrowing the following items;

  • A tape measure, laser measure pointer or ‘disto’
  • Paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Ruler (a scale ruler is ideal)
  • Compass (the one on your phone is fine)
Nothing! That’s the beauty of this course. Whether you have been interested in design and wellness for a while or are literally starting from scratch, this course is for you. We’ll be sharing with you all the tips that professional interior designers normally keep to themselves and we’ll be introducing some fascinating facts about wellness at home. You’ll benefit from the insights no matter what your background is.
We’ve set up an exclusive Conscious Cribs Facebook community group for all students where you can share your ideas, progress and great finds. Liz and Mima will be there to provide direct feedback during the course. We’ll send you the link after booking as this is a closed group.
We don’t offer refunds but if there’s a reason why you can’t start the course on that particular date due to a change in personal circumstances, we will hold those funds until the next round of course dates. Alternatively, you can use those course fees against another module. Do contact us if you need to discuss this further. We care about your wellbeing and may be able to offer a helpful solution.
Yes! We are all about the personal touch. We will be available each week to provide direct feedback via the Conscious Cribs Facebook community group on any questions you may have on each week’s content. Alternatively we also offer personalised interior design services. Please visit our website for further information and our studio’s contact details.

Liz and Mima! We are two experienced and professional interior designers based in London and Australia. We have over 20 years of combined interior design experience and have led distinguished projects from inception to completion in residential, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors. We have a passion for designing spaces that improve your wellbeing and, for the past two years, have been intensely researching our passion: how design affects physical and mental wellbeing. We have a deep understanding of how elements such as scientific design (colour & light psychology), world teachings (Feng Shui) and sustainability (environmental design) contribute to the wellbeing of individuals. From working around the globe we are now focusing on your corner of the world. Learn more here

If you’re interested in interiors, sustainability and wellness - and their relationship with each other, there is no better course that combines them all. For a long time people have focussed on their wellbeing primarily through diet and exercise, but haven’t really considered how their surroundings impact their state-of-mind. That’s a strange concept to us! The home environment is the most important space for wellness because it’s where we start and end our days, which is even more relevant now that most of us find ourselves working from home. Our core purpose is to educate and design spaces that are strikingly unique and beautiful, yet can also enhance one's wellness. If you share that passion and interest, this unique course is perfect for you.
Yes, absolutely! You will have lifetime access to the module videos. Over time, we’ll make updates to keep the courses relevant (and to add more great suppliers to the source book) - you’ll get a year’s access to those updates. That way, you can utilise that wealth of information and make your interior design decisions consciously, without rushing. You can simply log-in and watch the training videos whenever you like, but remember access to Liz and Mima live is only during the initial 4 weeks from the course launch date.

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